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At MAS Strategies we specialize in helping vendors market and position their business intelligence and data warehousing products in today's highly competitive market. Typical engagements include SWOT Analysis, Market Research, white papers, and public presentations. MAS Strategies also assists end-user community clients in their data warehouse procurement evaluations, needs analysis, and project implementations.

Michael A. Schiff

Michael A. Schiff is founder and principal analyst of MAS Strategies. With more than 30 years of industry experience as a developer, user, consultant, vendor, and industry analyst, Mike is an expert in developing, marketing, and implementing solutions that transform operational data into useful decision-enabling information. His prior experience as an IT Director and Systems and Programming Manager provide him with a thorough understanding of the technical, business, and political issues that must be addressed for any successful systems implementation or product launch.

As the former Vice President of the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence service at Current Analysis, Mike has over two decades of industry analyst experience. Other previous positions include Executive Director - Data Warehousing and Advanced Decision Support for Oracle Corporation's Public Sector Group and Director of Software AG's Data Management program where he was one of the industry's earliest proponents of the data mart concept. While at Digital Equipment Corporation in 1984, he formulated the architecture for one of the first data warehouse implementations.

Mike earned Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from MIT's Sloan School of Management specializing in operations research as an undergraduate, and information systems as a graduate. His thesis advisor at Sloan was Professor Michael Scott Morton, the father of the Decision Support Systems concept.

Mike is a frequent speaker at industry events and is often quoted by business and trade publications. For example, an interview with Mike about data management was a featured article in The Wall Street Transcript. He has conducted classes comparing the data warehousing features of several popular databases and data warehouse appliances for The Data Warehousing Institute and was frequently featured in the TDWI Experts e-newsletter.